Create New Portfolio

To add new portfolio go to Portfolio->Add New.

Set post title and add main content in editor window.

Next step is attach featured image to post. Try to keep all portfolio with featured images. It is better user experience approach, but anyway we designed both situations with/without image.

For better data structure use Categories for portfolio.

Portfolio as like simple post has layout options in grid.


Post could have few states in grid layout:

  • horizontal layout, block will appear as horizontal rectangle in 2:1 ration
  • square layout, 1:1 ratio
  • vertical layout, 1:2 ratio

Option Make Post as Featured will increase post box in blog grid.

Next step to set portfolio info. Client name and link text and url to real project. This info will appear in single portfolio page on right side.


Also portfolio has additional gallery to present some images related to project. You could set layout options for gallery in Portfolio Gallery meta box.

Image presentation could be used in few different layouts of gallery grid.


– metro layout, all images will try to fill space according to their natural size, to make it look perfectly try to select images with proportion sizes to other images in grid. For example: images with width and height – 1000*500, 500*500, 500*1000, 1500*500, etc.


masonry layout, all images display in original aspect ratio(in metro layout, it approximate to closest rounded proportion). Every image fill one column by width.


grid layout, all images in square grid


Also you could set gap between images(small – 15px, large – 30px), number of columns in grid and width of grid container.


Also Brooks provided small analytics functionality with portfolio views and likes counters, you could see this information on the post admin page, you also could edit this numbers but I recommend you use it in analytics goals.


Create Portfolio Page

To create Portfolio page firstly create new page and choose Homepage template.

After this in Visual Composer editor add Row and set it`s options like you prefer( fullwidth/boxed, nuber of columns, background etc). Next step to add Portfolio Grid element from elements list. Then portfolio will be added to row and you could set portfolio type you choose.


More details about customizing portfolio module here.