Portfolio Grid

For Brooks WordPress theme was developed 12 custom shortcodes lain in the “Developed for Brooks” tab in common popup within all shortcodes appeared on click button “+”, that you can find on every single page.

The Portfolio Grid Shortcodes  in the Brooks WordPress theme provide an ability to expose Portfolio posts at different pages. In the options are provided layout type(standard and cover), columns number, grid type( 3 structural previews ) and a gap between each portfolio item. Layout type affects the way of visualization of portfolio items. By default applies “standard”, it means the portfolio description information resides right beneath the portfolio photo, otherwise “cover’ means the portfolio photo covers the portfolio description information inside. Notice, the “Metro” structural style( last structural preview are shown below) mixes photos trying to fill empty space. Other grid types don’t mix photos and photos will appear in the order in which were added. Also, you are able to choose the gap between photos from 3 options: without a gap ( by default), “small” and “large”. Try to apply them consequently to find out your best look. portfolio
Also to concrete the portfolio output there is a data settings tab. There are available a total amount of items to show, order by and sort order settings. At last but not least is “Taxonomies” field can help you to filter the output of portfolio items by category. For example, if you type “My Folio”, the output will consist of items applied as “My Folio” in the category of “Portfolio” Post Type.