Building Search & Grid

For Brooks WordPress theme was developed 12 custom shortcodes lain in the “Developed for Brooks” tab in common popup within all shortcodes appeared on click button “+”, that you can find on every single page.


The shortcodes for the rental page in the Brooks WordPress theme provide a considerable ability to build ajax search for your building items. The Building Search Shortcode goes together with Building Grid Shortcode. In the Building Search Shortcode there is a single field with ID( type any unique word you like). Remember you must re-write this word in special Building Grid Shortcode option.


After applying this shortcode on the front page of your web-site will appear search form shown below. Notice, before doing this would be better if you have already completed with filling Buildings Post Type ( Buildings in Admin Panel ). In results when building item, location and type filled a suggestion on the front page search form should work.search_front

The next step is to adjust Building Grid Shortcode. This shortcode concerning about output requested building items without re-load. It’s up to you how much buildings item shown per row and use or not google map. An important thing you must do is specify a unique grid ID that connects search form with output grid container.General tab is below:

General tab is below:


Also to concrete output format there is a data settings tab. There are available a total amount of items to show, order by and sort order settings. At last but not least is “Taxonomies” field can help you to filter building items by location, category or type of building. For example, if you type “London”, the output will consist building that location applies as “London”.grid2