Using Demo Content

It’s really simple.

If you`re using the theme to build a new website which doesn`t have content yet, I strongly recommend you to use the demo content files. This theme includes xml data files which will allow you to upload the demo content to your website. The content is the same as in the Live Demo Preview.

Important: before installing demo content its necessary install and activate theme and all plugins, otherwise not all all content will be assigned.

  • Browse to the folder called “Demo Content”
  • Find the filename.xml file
  • Log into WordPress
  • Go to Tools -> Import
  • Click on “WordPress”
  • If you don’t have it already, install the plugin. Once done, return to the previous screen
  • Click to select your file
  • Choose the xml files you want to install.

Important: don`t forget to check the “Download and Import File Attachments” in order to import images too.

Note: in reason that demo content contains large number of images or server could not import all data from first( 500 error could be generated), so repeat demo content few times while you will receive success message.




If you also want to install demo content to all theme sidebars as in Live Demo Preview( all footer information, header right area and main site sidebar ), you can install this to.

  • Install Widget Importer & Exporter ( Official page ) – is free plugin which helps you to import widgets demo content.
  • Browse to the folder called “Demo Content”
  • Find the xml file
  • Go to Tools -> Widget Importer & Exporter
  • Click to select your file
  • Choose the xml file with widgets content.