To add new building go to Building->Add New.

Set building title and add some description in editor window.

Next step is attach featured image to building. Try to keep all building with featured images. It is better user experience approach, but anyway we designed both situations with/without image.

All buildings could relate to location and building type. While location itself is divided on countries and cities, top level locations are countries, child locations are cities. Next level of depth will be ignored. Locations and building types were created to structure and group all buildings and for using search filter in  Building Grid.

Use Building Layout meta box to define main layout of single building page.



There are 2 layouts:

  • with features on left side of background image and 2 columns properties table below40d68cc797
  • with 1 column properties table and features below


Building features is a group of fields to describe some short description of main advantages. Group could be repeated many times and sorted in any order.



Each feature consists of image, title and subtitle.On single building page it will be displayed like this.


Properties Table

This options designed to describe main technical information about building or something with tech specs.



There are 3 main fields here:

  1. Short description of properties section. Simple editor window to add some text content.
  2. Property – field inside repeater group, set some short description of property.
  3. Value – field inside repeater group related to Property field, some numeric or tech info about property

On single building page it will be displayed like this.



This section contains exact location address, unlike location terms(look in General chapter) here you should define country, city and street cause it bound with google map location and then will display marker on the map.



Contact Info

There are 2 fields that contain phone number and email address to contact with.



This information will appear below title on single building page and on map marker overlay.


As additional feature you could attach some file to building like tech specs file or data table etc.



  1. Heading and some description of attached file.
  2. Attachment file field.
  3. Text on button to download file.

You could also set section background options in Design Info tab.



  1. Background image.
  2. Background image style: parallax, scale(Ken Burns effect).
  3. Background Overlay: light, dark, theme color(Theme Options->Styling).
  4. Gradient overlay instead of solid color.

On single building page it will be displayed this way.



Here you could create pricing blocks.




  1. Heading and some description to pricing section
  2. Background style of section, same as in attachment section.


Pricing blocks could be created not limited amount and placed in flexible order. Every pricing clock consists of background image(1) and text content(2). If image attached then block will be little bigger in size than other and filled with image.



On single building page it will be displayed this way.



This section allows to add image gallery. Editor window(1) defines section heading and some short description, image field(2) allows to add images and place in order you prefer.


On single building page it will be displayed this way.


Buildings on page

To use buildings grid on page, use Visual Composer Buildings Grid element.